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Social media has changed the way we communicate with just about everybody. However, effective use of social media as a PR tool is far from the norm. Most businesses are still using traditional PR exclusively to build name recognition and awareness. The truth is that PR pros can no longer get away with that approach.

Customers expect the interactive conversations they experience on Twitter and Facebook. In fact, According to recent data from comScore, Facebook now accounts for 12.3 percent of the time spent online in the U.S. Twitter hosts approximately 200 million accounts and users create over 110 million tweets per day.

Smart marketers have jumped on the bandwagon and are increasingly using social media as a form of digital PR. The goal of digital PR is to create valuable relationships with your brand influencers by offering them optimized digital assets such as news related content, video, and links that can be used online.

Digital PR enables anyone to extend their content reach across one or more channels. There are information portals that can work separately or together for activities such as real-time blogging or tweeting. Using these activities can amplify a message reach beyond the direct participants. Using more than one channel to spread you message increases the number of people you reach in the format of their choice.

One thing is for sure, building a following and obtaining new customers is more than getting an article published; it’s knowing how to get to your customers and ENGAGE. Be the trusted source.