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Sales Enablement

The best marketing and promotional programs can be rendered useless if not tightly integrated with the company’s sales programs. In fact, they can have a negative effect on sales – delivering the wrong message to the wrong audience.
ShapeTechnology principals have years of experience in working with and through sales organizations to ensure that the company’s marketing programs support their sales efforts.


Sales Enablement/Sales List of Services

      • Channel Strategy Development
        Develop a cohesive “go to market” channel execution plan that lays out the appropriate channels for distributing your products and services, as well as the tools and programs required to support the channel program.
      • Sales Program Audit
        Provide an objective third party assessment of existing sales programs, evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of these efforts, along with recommendations for improving performance.
      • Sales Program Development & Implementation
        Working closely with the key members of the management team, develop a turnkey sales system. This system will incorporate fully documented sales and sales management manuals, including activity tracking and management tools. Often, the system will include the design of hiring profiles and sales compensation systems.
      • Sales Management System Development
        Develop and implement a sales management system, which provides the company with an effective management and forecasting tool, as well as a real-time mechanism to measure the effectiveness of the company’s sales efforts.

      • Channel Partner Program Development & Implementation
        Work with the management team to develop working elements of an effective, comprehensive channel program. Once developed, we work closely with your team during implementation, or actively manage the ongoing channel relationships on your behalf.
      • Sales Program Reengineering
        Redesign the company’s sales initiatives, with the goal of increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of sales efforts. This program includes the development of all necessary tools, documentation and management systems to support the implementation of the program.
      • Business Development Strategy Development
        Develop a comprehensive business development plan that defines the appropriate opportunities that best suit your company’s overall business strategy, as well as how these relationships can be best structured to accomplish your goals.